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  1. It’s a pleasure, Stacy! I’m sorry you lost Barney. It’s so incredibly sad to lose a loved member of your family. If you’d like to share a photo of him, please do.

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    Thanks for introducing me to yet another intriguing author, Marcia.

    Still looking for photos of furry friends? Here’s Morgan, showing his uncanny resemblance to David Niven.

  3. The book sounds great. When my Dad was in the hospital and the dr. told him he only had a couple of more days, he told me to say goodbye to my dog and he would say hello to my Mom and Brother. He also said to continue to take Storm to Cape Cod on vacation. The next year I did and the first night there, my Siberian Husky was sleeping on the sofa next to me. He picked up his head, stared intently ahead of him and he reached out with his paw like he was reaching for someone. I believe he saw my Dad.

  4. Hi, Patricia! I was really touched by your story. You were lucky to have such a wonderful dad, who is still looking over you, I’m sure. Storm was just letting you know you dad is staying close. I lost my dad last fall, and the knowledge that he is up in heaven watching over me is comforting.

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    One of my newsletter subscriber has a household of wonderful pets. Here are their photos, starting with Bellablu:

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