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September 2022 Contest

Smokey’s friend, Sly, is presenting this month’s prize–a Sterling silver & crystal necklace and crystal earrings! In addition, the prize includes Sly.  😉  The winner will be drawn on September 29th. Early each month, Marcia’s newsletter contains the contest question, and then newsletter subscribers can visit this page to enter the contest, using the entry form below. Website visitors who would like to subscribe to Marcia’s monthly newsletter to learn about future contests can sign up here:

I do not share or sell any information you share with me. You can read my privacy policy here.


    I do not share or sell any information you share with me.  You can read my privacy policy here.


    * One entry per person per month. No purchase necessary.

    * Entrants must be 18 or older.

    * Odds of winning are determined by the number of entries.

    * The winner will be chosen randomly from all entries and notified by email. Only the winner of the prize will be notified.

    * Winner will have three weeks to respond to the email or another winner will be chosen. Author is not responsible for emails that bounce, end in spam filters, or are eaten by cyber cooties.

    * The information submitted to this contest will not be shared or sold.

    * Prize is as stated; no substitutions or exchanges.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the rising cost of mailing internationally, my jewelry contest is only for winners living in the United States. International winners will receive 3 ebooks of mine instead of the jewelry prize. I apologize for having to make this rule change.


    June 2020: Jerri C. from IA
    May 2020: Karen G. from VA
    April 2020: Jane S. from FL
    March 2020: dbo B. from LA
    February 2020: Jane N. from NY
    January 2020: Kim M. from NJ
    December 2019: Justine S. from NJ
    November 2019: Debra G. from FL
    October 2019: Jennifer H. from NC
    September 2019: Anonymous
    August 2019: Barbara C. from WI
    July 2019: Nancy S. from NM
    June 2019: Jamie G. From SC
    May 2019: Elizabeth R. from Canada
    April 2019: Angela Z. from Italy
    March 2019: Karen G. from VA
    February 2019: Angie P. from MI
    January 2019: Suzanne G. from NE
    December 2018: Patty M. from AZ
    November 2018: Jeri D. from VA
    October 2018: Lori B. from MO
    September 2018: Melissa R. from LA
    August 2018: Kimberley C. from TX
    July 2018: Susan B. from MN
    June 2018: Susanti K. from Indonesia
    May 2018: Cassandra D. from CA
    April 2018: J.S. from MO
    March 2018: I.M. from NJ
    February 2018: Susan B. from MN
    January 2018: Dean Y. from CA
    December 2017: Susan R. from IL
    November 2017: Gail H. from KY
    October 2017: Deb F. from WI!
    September 2017: Dean Y. from CA
    August 2017: Anonymous
    July 2017: Diane T. from IN
    June 2017: Suzy R. from IL
    May 2017: Gail H. from KY
    April 2017: Susan B. from IA
    March 2017: Mina G. from PA
    February 2017: Annette T. from IL
    January 2017: Sue B. from WI
    December 2016: Sharon P. from IN
    November 2016: Sharon P. from IN
    October 2016: Patsy H. from CA
    September 2016: Anonymous
    August 2016: Carole J. from GA
    July 2016: Jamie G. from SC
    June 2016: Dean Y. from CA
    May 2016: Virginia H. from KY
    April 2016: Virginia H. from KY
    March 2016: Debra F. from WI
    February 2016: Virginia H. from KY
    January 2016: Jane N. from NY
    December 2015: Linda S. from PA
    November 2015: Susan B. from IA
    October 2015: Gail H. from KY
    September 2015: Sue B. from WI
    August 2015: Elizabeth S. from VA
    July 15: Ellen B. from PA
    June 2015: Anonymous
    May 2015: Joy I. from AZ
    April 2015: Suzy R. from IL
    March 2015: Gail H. from KY
    February 2015: Sue B. from WI
    January 2015: Angela B. from ID
    December 2014: Suzy R. from IL
    November 2014: Mary M. from SC
    October 2014: Anonymous
    September 2014: Tamara L. from UT
    August 2014: Margaret Z. from WA
    July 2014: Catherine L. from Canada
    June 2014: Mary M. from SC
    May 2014: Crystal B. from KY
    April 2014: Linda S. from PA
    March 2014: Mina G. from PA
    February 2014: Hannah G. from TX
    January 2014: Stacey S. from CA
    December 2013: Kathleen L. from FL
    November 2013: Nancy L. from IN
    October 2013: Linda P. from Canada
    September 2013: Dean Y. from KS
    August 2013: Kathleen L. from FL
    July 2013: Nancy L. from IN
    June 2013: Tamara L. from UT
    May 2013: Susan B. from IA
    April 2013: Jackie W. from CA
    March 2013: Suzy R. from IL
    February 2013: Susan B. from IA
    January 2013: Karin L. from AR
    December 2012: Diane P. from IA
    November 2012: Jennifer M. from MO
    September 2012: Gail H. from KY
    August 2012: Linda S. from PA
    July 2012: Mina G. from IL
    June 2012: Annette T. from IL
    May 2012: Sharon E. from OH
    April 2012: Patricia K. from FL
    March 2012: Melissa K. from TX
    February 2012: Amanda E. from Seychelles
    January 2012: Tessa B. from Finland
    December 2011: Cheryl L. from ME
    November 2011: Melissa K. from TX
    October 2011: Nancy P. from OH
    September 2011: Joy I. from AZ
    August 2011: Eva M. from VA
    July 2011: Martha L. from MS
    June 2011: Cheryl F. from IN
    May 2011: Gail H. from KY
    April 2011: Martha L. from MS
    March 2011: Cheryl L. from ME
    February 2011: Jody F. from NE
    January 2011: Cheryl F. from IN
    December 2010: Joy I. from AZ
    November 2010: Virginia H. from KY
    October 2010: Anita Y. from GA
    September 2010: Maureen E. from PA
    August 2010: Martha L. from MS
    July 2010: Pamela S. from AL
    June 2010: Crystal B. from KY
    May 2010: Nancy P. from OH
    April 2010: Cheryl S. from OH
    March 2010: Linda S. from PA
    February 2010: Carla G. from MO
    January 2010: Beverly G. from MO
    December 2009: Pat C. from NH
    November 2009: Melissa K. from VA
    October 2009: Ok P. from CA
    September 2009: Jane S. from FL
    August 2009: Hesper F. from WI
    July 2009: Alicia T. from CA
    June 2009: Tom J. from GA
    May 2009: Susanne T. from WI
    April 2009: Cindy T. from AR
    March 2009: Joy F. from FL
    February 2009: Cassandra B. from PA
    January 2009: Debra A. from FL.
    December 2008: Stephanie H. from CA
    November 2008: Maureen E. from PA
    October 2008: Judith L. from LA
    September 2008: Pearl from NM
    August 2008: Samantha P. from CA
    July 2008: Joy I. from AZ
    June 2008: Kimmy L. from MO
    May 2008: Joan S. from NJ
    April 2008: Amanda E. from Seychelles
    March 2008: John J. from Canada
    February 2008: Cathie M. from NY
    January 2008: Carol T. from South Africa
    December 2007: Melissa K. from RI
    November 2007: Dee D. from TN
    October 2007: Amanda E. from Seychelles
    September 2007: Sheila C. from AL
    August 2007: Tessa B. from Finland
    July 2007: Stacie M. from AR
    June 2007: Mona H. from Egypt
    May 2007: Crystal B. from KY
    April 2007: Jenilee C. from the Philippines
    March 2007: Sanjay S. from TX
    February 2007: Jane C. from OH
    January 2007: Judy T. from PA
    December 2006: Val G. from FL
    November 2006: Christy H. from UT
    October 2006:
    1st place — Crystal S. from MS
    2nd place – Daniela B from Germany
    September 2006: Kim W. from IL
    August 2006: Angela S. from PA