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  1. Hi, J. Arlene! Thank you for being my February interviewee! And thank you for offering your novella to one lucky commenter. I look forward to reading your books!

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    My boy Maxx. He is a Great Pyrenes and Blue Tick Coon Hound Mix. He is scared of everything. He has a brother named Alyx. He can get peanut butter & soda lids of the jars/bottles.

    • Hi, Melissa! Welcome to my blog. Your Maxx is a real cutie and very talented. I’ve never heard of a dog getting lids off jars. 😉 I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

    • What a cutie and what an unusual mix. Over here in France where I live, there aren’t any Blue Tick Coon Hounds, but I’d certainly like to meet one! They have quite a reputation.

  3. Hi, I loved the interview, your books are so amazing, I also love animals and think that they all deserve a forever home. My sister has a sweet black kitty named Nadia. They live with my dad, son and me. I love her so much, she keeps me going and she has the most precious personality. Thank you and have an awesome day!

    • Hi, Deva! I agree with you that all pets deserve a forever home. Your sister’s cat sounds like a great companion. I’m allergic to cats, but I love to watch them jump and play in
      cat videos. 😉 Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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    Your books sound really good J. Arlene, I love your description of Noodle. Sometimes the least attractive on the outside hides a golden heart on the inside. This is my Daisy Mae:

    • Hi, Julie! I agree with you about both J. Arlene’s books and that golden hearts can lurk in the least attractive beings. Daisy Mae is very attractive, though. 😉 A cutie! Have a great weekend and a happy Valentine’s Day!

      • Hi, Julie. Daisy Mae looks great. I’ve also had some good-looking dogs in my life, and some that were… well… unusual-looking. I wonder if they also thought I looked strange.

  5. I’m all about animal rescue! Not sure about snakes – don’t want them tortured for “fun” – but they really need to stay outside where they belong!! Interesting book!

    • Hi Nancy, Thank you. I agree that snakes should stay outside. That’s where they prefer to be, and that’s where they are most helpful to humans, keeping the rodent population down.

    • Hi, Nancy. Thanks for stopping by. I’m definitely not a snake person, but as long as they stay WAY away from me, I appreciate them handling rodent populations, especially rats. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

      • They will, Marcia. Snakes are naturally timid creatures and they really just mind their own business if you leave them alone. I like just sitting still and watching them.

    • Hi, Nancy! Congratulations! You won J. Arlene’s Boomtown novella! She will email you with information on how to get the novella. Have a wonderful evening!

  6. Congratulations to the two February ebook winners: Melissa and Nancy! Don’t forget you can comment on the interview each month for more chances to win!

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