Klein’s K-9s Service Dogs Series

The first in the Klein’s K-9s novella series is “Racing Hearts“…

Stock car legend, Tom “Torque” Tyler, faces a bleak future following an off-track car wreck. Thanks to a traumatic head injury, he’s developed epileptic seizures and may never drive again. To avoid tabloid reporters and well-meaning friends, Tom holes up in a cottage surrounded by high walls. Now he just needs to figure out the rest of his life.

Service dog trainer and old friend, Meg Klein, shows up on Tom’s doorstep with a seizure response dog. Bob, a tiny but talented canine, makes it almost impossible for Tom to maintain his black mood. And Meg is determined to drag her high-school crush out of his self-imposed solitude. But will the paparazzi ruin her best-laid plans?

Two hearts racing to one goal with the help of a little furry friend, wonderful characters… Great read!” 5-star Amazon Review

This author has a special gift for writing about dogs and romance. I particularly fell in love with the doggie character, Bob… It’s a wonderful book, filled with wonderful characters, and the story is simply AWESOME! And it has a great ending that you won’t want to miss.” – Jacqueline Driggers, Jackie’s Book Reviews

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8 Hounds a-Howling,” a light-hearted holiday romance, is the second Klein’s K-9s novella…

Celebrity photographer “Jax” Jackson volunteers to shoot the Klein’s K-9s service dog facility’s fundraising calendar. His agenda: Convince past love and calendar coordinator Amy Walters to give him a second chance.

Producing the dog-themed “12 Days of Christmas” calendar includes dodging dive-bombing birds, tackling runaway pigs, and handling 78 dogs who’d rather play than pose. In the midst of the chaos, will the reunited lovers find their happily ever after?


Great Christmas romance. The chapter titles are simply delightful and add to the reading fun. ….this is simply a wonderful book.” Jacqueline Driggers, Romance Blogger & Reviewer

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The third Klein’s K-9s’ novella is “Nothing But a Hound Dog“…

After a night of raucous partying, country music star Ryan “Rowdy” Gates is sentenced to community service at the Jenkins Animal Shelter. To his surprise, he bonds with the caring shelter workers and with a tiny, abandoned Basset Hound puppy. Cindi Landon, shelter director and his high school crush, offers Ryan something he’s never had—a home, a family, and unconditional love.

It is Marcia James’ well-written and well-conceived characters that put on the real charm in a romance that’s as laid back and comfortable as your favorite pair of faded old blue jeans. I really enjoyed this romance story—After all, who wouldn’t love to read about an unexpected romantic relationship amid a kit and kaboodle of playful puppies and fluffy kittens…?” – IHIBRP 5-Star Recommended Read, J.B. Richards

Well, this writer has done it again! She’s written another totally charming romance involving a hunky guy and a cute doggie. This is a book you should put on your must read list. Actually, you should put the whole series on your must read list! I’ve read 3 books in this series so far, and loved each one. The writer has a unique gift for including animals in her books, and for writing wonderful romance stories. I would heartily recommend this book. 5 enthusiastic stars.” – Jackie’s Book Reviews

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The fourth Klein’s K-9s novella is “Scrooge & the Secret Santa”…

Police dog trainer Patton Carter is a thorn the size of a tree branch in Faith Harman’s side. In addition to her physical therapist day job, Faith teaches therapy dog classes, which Patton dismisses as unimportant. Then Fate intervenes, and he’s sidelined with a knee replacement. Will spending time with Faith and her therapy dog open his eyes and his heart?

“The appeal of Marcia James’ heartwarming and sexy holiday romantic comedy lies in the stark contrast between Faith, a cheery, girl-next-door, physical therapist/service dog trainer and Patton, a handsome but standoffish former military man and police dog trainer. In a brilliant plotline decision, James enlists two spunky canines to provide contrast to her two main protagonists, as well as a great bit of comic relief. I highly recommend this read for anyone who loves animals, romantic comedies, and feel-good holiday romance novels.” –IHIBRP Recommended Review

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Welcome to Jenkins, NC—home of the Klein’s K-9s Service Dog training facility, pro-rescue-pet volunteers, and 3 sexy celebrities about to meet their match.

LOVE PAWSITIVELY includes the first three Klein’s K-9s novellas:

“Racing Hearts”—Stock car legend, Tom “Torque” Tyler, faces a bleak future after a career-ending head injury. Service dog trainer, Meg Klein, and a tiny seizure response dog bring Tom hope and love.

“8 Hounds a-Howling”—Celebrity photog “Jax” Jackson volunteers to shoot the Klein’s K-9s’ dog-themed calendar. His hidden agenda: A second chance with Amy Walters. He never anticipated dive-bombing birds, runaway pigs, and 78 dogs who’d rather play than pose.

“Nothing But a Hound Dog”—After a night of partying, country music star Ryan “Rowdy” Gates is sentenced to community service at the animal shelter. To his surprise, he bonds with a tiny Basset Hound puppy. Shelter Director Cindi Landon offers Ryan a home, a family, and unconditional love.

I have read all of the Klein’s K-9s books. They have some twists, the characters are likeable and they always have happy endings. Very interesting plots, as well.” 5-star Amazon Review

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Sneak Peek Samplers: Contemporary Romance

The FREE Sneak Peek Samplers are a great introduction to the books of bestselling and award-winning authors, as well as new up-and-coming writers in your favorite genres. From sweet to sizzling, these are sample chapters, not the entire books, with added bonus material you won’t find anywhere else. Marcia James includes a taste of “Racing Hearts,” the first in her Klein’s K-9s Service Dogs series.

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