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  1. Hi, Julie! Welcome to my blog! I enjoyed reading your book blurbs and look forward to reading the books. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi, Laura. I agree with you completely. I think there should be a national database of people who mistreat animals, as well as stiffer penalties for doing so.

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    Hi Julie, Your books sound so good, I look forward to reading them. It’s a shame how some people treat animals. they shouldn’t be allowed to have them. Rescue pets are the best, all mine have been rescues. This is my Pearl.

    • Hi, Julie (McDonough, since we have two Julies here. 😉 I think it’s wonderful that you have always had rescue pets. I don’t understand why people don’t check out shelters before spending lots of money on pets that might have come from a puppy mill. Thank you for sharing Pearl’s photo!

  3. Hello Marcia, Laura and Julie:
    Thank you for having me as your guest, Marcia. It’s so much fun to talk about pets. German Shepherds are my absolute favorite. If I could, I’d have a 10 of them, but Harley would have something to say about that. He’s a rescue and likes being spoiled. I also like wolves and many years ago, I did entertain the notion of getting a hybrid, but hubby and I nixed the idea, as we already had 2 dogs. And as the sentiment has already been expressed, I think punishment for cruelty to animals should be mush steeper than it is, especially for our police dogs. One of ours was killed in the line of duty not too long ago and it was heartbreaking to watch the procession for Jynx. (I still tear up thinking about him.) Anyway, wishing all of you a good day and thanks for stopping by.

    • I agree, Julie (Lence, since there are two Julies here). There should definitely be stricter penalties for animal abusers, along with a national database for animal cruelty cases, so these people can’t adopt another pet.

  4. This is no April Fools joke. 😉 Congratulations to Laura and Julie M. who each won an ebook copy of Julie Lence’s No Luck at All novel! I will give Julie Lence your email addresses so she can contact you two about getting you her ebook. And congratulations to bn100, who won one of my ebooks! I’ll email you about getting my ebook. Happy April everyone!

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