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  1. Hi, Clyve! Thank you for being my January interviewee! Your books sound so romantic, and having dogs in them just adds a special treat. 😉 Have a happy and healthy 2024!

  2. Very Interesting! Signed up for Clyve’s newsletter.

    Please don’t think I’m rude but I’m a real book only lady; just wanted to say really enjoyed the interview!

    • Hi, Amber! It’s not rude to prefer print books. In fact, due to my not-great-eyes, I prefer audiobooks. Although it is nice to be able to increase the size of the font in ebooks, so any ebook can become a “large print” ebook. 😉 Speaking as an author, though, I can’t afford to order boxes of my books in print and pay the postage for mailing them out. But other authors are fine with those costs. I appreciate your stopping by my blog and signing up for Clyve’s newsletter! And I hope you have a happy and healthy 2024! 😉

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    Your books sound really good Clyve, animals in a story always adds a special element. I look forward to reading them. This is my sweet Pearl

    • Hi, Julie! Thanks for sharing the photo of your cat. Pearl is the perfect name for a cat with such a pretty gray coat. Have a happy and healthy 2024!

    • Julie–Congratulations! You won a free Marcia James’ ebook! I’ll email you with the details on how to get your free ebook. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  4. Congratulations to Amber, Julie, and BN100! You won Clyve Rose’s bonus novella! Clyve will be contacting you by email to explain how to get the novella. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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