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  1. I’ll leave the first comment on my new blog. 😉 I really enjoy Janie Mason’s romances and recommend them. If you know romance readers who might like to learn about Janie and her books, please share this blog post with the social media share links below. Thank you!

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    My Spookie is my rescue pet!!! We were part of her rescue from a puppy mill but really she was my rescuer!!!! I was just getting over Breast Ca. and my Hubby decided I needed a dog. She came to us a terrified little girl and now is a lion. I named her Spookie but later my Hubby added the “Duke” cause she is such a protector!!!!Hence “spookieduke” as my email add.I don’t know how to add a picture! But she is the picture with my email.

    • Hi, Suzi! That’s wonderful that you saved Spookie and she came to you at such a stressful time in your life. I moved your comment to the bottom of the current interview (my Marcia James interview), which will remind me to add her to the fish bowl of pets up for the June Pet of Month (to be chosen at the end of June). But the photo didn’t transfer. Boo, hiss… I’m explain how to post comments better in my July newsletter, since you weren’t the only person to post your comment here. Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful June!

  3. Hi, Paulette! Ally is super cute! Thank you for sharing her photo. The June comments are supposed to be posted at the bottom of the June interview, but I didn’t explain that well enough since you aren’t the only one to post a comment here. I’ll repost your comment at the end of the June interview to make sure Ally is in the running for June Pet of the Month (chosen at the end of June). But the photo won’t repost. ;-( Sorry about that. Have a great June!

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    Here are my Cuties Bailey Ditty & Sally Ashes. They are sisters born 4 mos about and have the same mommy.

  5. Hi, Jodi! That’s an adorable photo of two very cute cats! Thanks for sharing it! If you’d like to share other photos in the future, click on the word “Replies” just below the current interview vs. scrolling all the way down. That way I won’t miss seeing your photos, which would be a shame. Have a wonderful summer! And thanks for stopping by my blog! 😉

    • Hi, Linda! You went back to the very beginning of my Go Pets! blog (instead of just under the current blog interview of Sandy Loyd), but I saw your post and you are definitely in the running to win a free ebook! 😉 Marco is a handsome pup, and it’s very kind of you to provide a forever home to a rescue dog. I think there is a special place in heaven for people who rescue homeless pets. Wishing you a very happy holiday and a wonderful 2019!

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