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    • Thanks for letting me stop by. Licorice has grown into a beautiful cat – full of attitude. She definitely rules the house.
      I had fun answering the questions and talking about the dragon and horse.
      I will tweet this in a moment.

  1. Licorice is very cute!! I love black cats – have one and another just showed up outside!!! The book sounds interesting – but have to say the character names are a bit daunting!! Please tell me as you read you can remember who is who!!!!!

  2. Hi, Nancy! Thanks for stopping by. 😉 I haven’t yet read Daryl’s books, but I know a lot of fantasy books have interesting names for the characters. By the way, I just finished a historical romance where the heroine’s name is Garrett. Since I was listening to the audiobook, it threw me every time the narrator said “Garrett” since I thought it was the hero. {{eye roll}} Have a great evening!

    • Hi, bn100! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve been trying to reach you about a free ebook you won by commenting on a past blog interview. If you’d like the ebook, send me a message through the Contact Me page on this website. Thanks!

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