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    Thanks, Marcia! I’m delighted to spend time with you and your fans! Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I can’t resist sharing a picture of Sweetie! She lost most of her tail and toes after she recovered from her ordeal. And we didn’t know at the time that she was feral. It took months to earn her trust, but her name truly describes her disposition. Sometimes our pets choose us!

    • LOL – I didn’t realize the photo would show up rotated 90 degrees! Hilarious! She’s really just lying on the hassock like she owns the whole house, which, in her mind, she does!

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    This is Dora, my service dog. She’s a Chinese Crested, a whopping 9 pounds, and all watchful dedication. Dora knows when an episode is starting and intervenes to keep me stable, functional,and safe. She even supervises my doctors!

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      Hi, Lis! Dora is gorgeous! All of my books have cresteds in them, including one (“Racing Hearts”) that has a crested seizure alert dog. Cresteds are so unique. I’m glad you found such a wonderful companion who is also a care partner!

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    Leslie — Here’s a comment and photo from Ida, who accidentally posted it on my Oct. interview (my fault):

    Love getting to read authors I haven’t before. Can’t wait to pick up one of your books. Have a great day.

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    Hi, Marcia, since we last talked at RAGT 17, we lost our old therapy dog, Reba, but the pup she mentored, April, is now a therapy dog, making people happy at the local hospital and preparing to visit the local children’s hospital.

  5. Hi, Karen. I am so sorry you lost Reba. I can’t imagine the pain of losing her. Sending hugs. Is this a photo of her or April? She’s a beautiful dog. It’s wonderful that April can bring such joy as a therapy dog. I bet the children especially love her. Thank you for stopping by the blog and sharing your photo.

  6. I LOVE all these caring dogs! Dora, Ida, Romeo, April, and Reba, who’s passed over the Rainbow Bridge – what delightful and clearly full-of-character companions! Thank you all for sharing their love with the rest of us. Marcia’s such a wonderful person, I knew her fans would be the same! It’s a pleasure to meet you here!

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