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  1. Hi, Linda! Thanks for dropping by Sandy’s interview! I’d love to see a photo of Rocco, if you’d like to post one in this comments section. I’m giving away a free ebook to a randomly picked commenter at the end of December. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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    My dogs show such unconditional love. I can’t imagine life without them. This is Archie. We also have Joy who is camera shy.

  3. We are a poodle and a reptile-owned family. We’re also backyard chicken farmers, have guinea pigs, parrots, and dumbo rats. Who needs to visit a petting zoo when you have your very own?

  4. Hi! We have our very own invariable petting zoo at home. Here is a pick of my bearded dragon.

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

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    These sound incredible! I’ll definitely have to look into her books. While I LOVE all animals, seriously I’d bring them all home if I could, right now I only have Hedgehogs and rats. This picture is Xena- one of my rescue hogs- and she is the sweetest thing!

  6. Hi all! Just a quick note to say thanks for such wonderful comments and pictures. I believe they all warrant a prize, so I’m awarding all commentators with an e-book of her choice. I’m sending out an email with instructions on how to claim your prize. Thanks so much for sharing your stories about your beloved pets.

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