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    • Hi, Jan! Max is a real cutie! Thanks for sharing his photo. And I agree that books with cats and dogs in them always tempt me. 😉 I love them. Have a great June!

  1. The book sounds interesting! And the dog is a big draw. I’m curious why you no longer have a pet? There are so many that need love and care in a good home – spoken by a loyal shelter volunteer!!! Reconsider getting a new family member!!!

    • Hi, Nancy! I’ve seen some of the wonderful pets available to adopt at your animal shelter. So many cute and friendly cats and dogs. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the blog.

  2. Thanks, Nancy! There are a couple of reasons why I don’t have pets any more. Foremost, my youngest daughter has developed a significant allergy to pet dander. Also, on the emotional level, the loss when each one passed on was really hard to deal with.

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    Sounds like a great book. I love animals in books. This is Jake. He is a rescue. He will be 7 in Dec. He loves to smile when he is happy and also if he is naughty. He will turn around and give a big old grin. Never had a cat do this before.

    • Congratulations, bn100! You’re the June blog commenter winner of a free ebook of mine! I sent you an email to let you know how to get the ebook. Have a wonderful weekend!

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