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  1. Hi, Augustina! Thank you for being my July interviewee! I enjoy futuristic and paranormal romances, so I’m definitely getting your books. 😉 Have a wonderful summer!

    • Hi, Debra! Thank you for stopping by Augustina’s interview. I agree with you about being an author. Some writers just have a wonderful “voice” and great characters. Those books go on “keeper” shelves. 😉 Have a wonderful summer!

    • I can’t speak for others but for me it’s all about the characters and the worlds they inhabit. I try to get to know my characters as if they were real people. It helps me to write a better story. It also gives me many more stories to tell. There are a lot of details and history that I know about my characters the doesn’t make it into a book but can be used in a later book release.

  2. Attachment

    There are currently six books planned with several novellas with the possibility of more. The first novella in the series comes out next month. It tells the story of how Karl, the vampires human assistant, met and fell in love with Avalyn of the water fae.

  3. Hi – love to read this monthly interview in the newsletter – to find new authors. Interesting to find some more cat stories!! The Curse sounds really intriquing – will look that up!! Thanks Marcia and Augustina!

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