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  1. Hi Alana,

    Loved this book. Very exciting and hard to put down.

    We had 17 cats in our house at one time.
    They weren’t part of a rescue either. It was a result of three kids and a combination of, “Mommy, please can we keep him/her? I’ll take care of everything.” and “Look, Mommy, kittens!”

    Can’t wait to read your next book.


  2. We have a rescue dog, and I love animals, but I’m not good at getting them into stories for some reason. Love the sound of your book (and the fur babies in them). Good luck!

    • Jennifer — I feel that way about adding kids to my books. That’s tougher for me than adding pets to a story. That’s wonderful that you have a rescue dog. I think people who rescue pets have a special place in heaven. 😉

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