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      I love the animals in your post. I love all animals, espcially horses and dogs, but I have fondness for cats too! Your books sound amazing and I look forward to reading them. As a Welsh woman, of course I love dragons too! I especially like the sound of your fantasy horses. I attach a picture of my own special equine, my ‘mare with attitude’ Flying T’pau.

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    I love cats, especially tuxedo cats! Tighe Cat must have been beautiful. I have dogs and cats, and I love stories and novels that include animals! I am including a photograph of “Luke,” my beautiful cat I adopted from a stray colony.

    • Hi, Florence! You won a free ebook of mine! Luke was randomly chosen as my Pet of the Month for March! Congratulations! I just sent you an email to ask you what ebook of mine you would like. Have a wonderful week!

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    Pepper Rose keeps us on our toes! She brings too many smiles and laughs a day to count!
    She was not, however, a willing participant in this New Years picture!

  3. Hi, Florence! Thank you for stopping by and sharing a photo of Luke. I’m a sucker for books with animals in them, which is why I started this blog: to learn about new-to-me authors with animals in their books. Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi, Hywela! What a beautiful horse! Thank you for sharing her photo. I love dragons, too, and just watched the movie, “How to Train Your Dragon” this evening. Now I need to watch the two sequels — as well as read Helen’s dragon series. 😉 Have a good weekend!

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    Elaine F. accidentally posted her photo on the wrong interview, so here is what she posted and a cute photo of her pet:

    “This is Mr. Kitty. We found him on his own outside as a baby. He decided he wanted to live with us & moved right in on his own.”

  6. Suzanne C. accidentally posted her comment on the wrong interview, too, so here is her post, which does not include a photo. I love Newfies!

    “I enjoy books that include pets. They can add so much to the story. I had a Newfoundland dog Bear. He grew to 225 pounds. A wonderful gentle giant.”

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    Cheryl L. wasn’t able to post a photo of her cat here, so I’m doing it for her. This is what she wrote:

    “Here’s a pic of my Sam! He loves drinking from the fountain!”

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