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  1. Hi, Jessica! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Elsa May is very striking being all white. It really makes her eyes look soulful. 😉 Thank you for sharing her photo. You’re in the running for a free ebook. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi, Jocie! Cindy R, posted a comment that landed under another interview, so I’m reposting it here. That way, she can be in the contest for a free ebook. 😉 Here’s the comment:

    “I love any book that includes pets! I especially love all of your pet posts. They make my day! I have a blond Cocker named Max. I had a few pictures of him but, when I moved everything over to my new computer, I can’t find any of them! Just imagine a cute face with white freckles on his nose!”

  3. Attachment

    This is April, my therapy dog, keeping company with a staff member in the cancer treatment center at the hospital where we visit weekly.

  4. Hi, Karen! What a beautiful dog, and it’s wonderful that you have April trained to bring so much joy and comfort for the cancer patients. Thank you so much for sharing her photo on my blog!

  5. Hi, Valerie! Your comment made me chuckle. I was thinking of how pretty the name Luna Belle was when I read it was short for Lunatic. LOL! Your cat has amazing markings. Beautiful. Thank you for stopping by and sharing her photo!

  6. Congratulations, Valerie, you name was drawn from those who commented to receive a free ebook of mine! I’m sending you an email in a moment to let you know how to get the free ebook. Thank you for posting your photo of Luna Belle!

  7. Thank you, Jessica and Karen, for posting photos of your pets. You can post them again in the comments of future interviews for a chance to win a free ebook of mine. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

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