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  1. Hi, Jacqui! Thank you for being my January interviewee! Your books sound fascinating. They are definitely going on my To Be Read list! Have a wonderful 2023!

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    Hi Jacqui! I enjoyed the trailer, and find the concept of your book to be very interesting. I look forward to reading it. This is Lucky staying warm.

  3. Fantastic books and have enjoyed all three series. I love animals and it was wonderful to see the relationship evolve from predator to companion over the series. Thanks Marcia for hosting Jacqui. One of my favourite authors.

    • Hi, Alex! I agree with you on both points–Casey is a cutie, and anyone who doesn’t like animals is someone I would be worried about. 😉 Have a great 2023!

    • Hi, Alex! You won one of my ebooks for commenting on Jacqui’s blog interview! Congratulations! I’ll email you with information on how to get the ebook. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

  4. Great post, Jacqui. I think Ump is a great addition to your series. I remember reading once that humans and “dogs” have been together for so long that we’ve actually evolved genetically to read each other’s cues. It was a matter of survival. I think that’s very cool. And Casey is beautiful. 🙂 Thanks for hosting our friend, Marcia. 🙂

  5. I love the questions and answers here today! Thank you, Marcia, for featuring Jacqui. And a big congratulations to Jacqui!

  6. Casey looks adorable, Jacqui!

    I like the idea of exploring the “frenemy” relationship between man and animals in your books, and I like the names Ump and Kit. I bet they make interesting characters.

    Wishing you all the best with your latest!

    • Thanks, Mae. 1.8 million years ago, our ancestors really considered animals their equal, if not their superiors. What an interesting time in our history.

    • Hi, Mae! Thank you for supporting Jacqui. I think her books sound amazing and look forward to reading them. Best wishes on a wonderful 2023!

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