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    Great interview. I love dogs and they are such a comfort. Here is a picture of Millie & Winston (my grandpuppies) rockin’ their Star Wars Christmas pjs.:)

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    I love Pekingese puppies. I grew up with 2 of them & mine now is in not so good condition due to her back legs & walking into things due to them. It only started in December too. Her name is Lola & she’s 11 years old. She’s my special puppy.

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    I love when books have pets in them. I included a picture of my 2 kitties that we rescued when some jerk abandon a whole litter of kittens. Their names are Shadeaux and Sneaux. Our last name is Quebedeaux so that is why their names are spelled that way.

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      Suzie, that’s hilarious about the names! I love it! We have lots of cats here too, and I unusually include cats in my stories as well. They enrich our lives so much!

  4. Hi, Suzie! Thank you for sharing their photo. I think it’s great that you adopted the cats, and you picked wonderful names. 😉 Happy New Year!

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