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    Neil, your books sound really good, I am looking forward to reading them. This is my rescue pup Cocoa with Marshmallows. She’s the sweetest pup.

  2. Ask Marcia – love Golden Retrivers and haven’t recovered from the loss of our beloved Abby!!! I think I actually have this book – I have a terrible habit of buying books for my NOOK and then not reading them!!! Will have to do this one for sure!!!!

    • Nancy — you are definitely a dog (and cat) lover, and you do so much for homeless pets! {{waving from across town}} I look forward to reading Neil’s books, too. 😉

    • As I mentioned above, I wrote the first in this series because I was so infatuated with my golden, Samwise. They are just the most lovable, sweet breed. It’s always a joy when I sit down to write about goldens.

    • Hi, Jan! I totally agree with your comment. 😉 I love books with dogs in them. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great November!

    • This is probably the fourth cover for this book! Kept trying to find just the right dog. I did the very first cover myself, using a sad picture of my Samwise. It meant a lot to me to see his picture there– but my cover designer and I hunted around to find sweet-looking goldens for each of the books in the series, ones that reflect how magical this breed is.

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