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    This is a photo of the custom diamond painting I did of my cat. He’s not very interested in his toys anymore (almost 9) so when I placed it on his head to take the photo he wasn’t impressed and his expression shows it.

  2. We have had many rescue pets. We fostered new litters of puppies for our local animal shelter until they were old enough to be adopted out. We kept a lab mix from the first littler and a terrier mix from the last. We often had 4 dogs at a time, but are currently down to one. We have had 10 dogs, not counting the many fosters we had. We also have had cats and all sorts of other creatures as pets and some were rescues. I like when pets, especially dogs, are included in stories. They help show the personalities of the characters.

    • Hi, Patricia! You have done so much for rescue pets, it’s amazing. I think there is a special place in heaven for people who foster pets and adopt rescues. I agree with you about how pets in stories really round out the characters. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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    I love the premise of the book as I have a golden retriever therapy dog and a puppy in training to become one. Its amazing the amount of joy they bring to the patients and staff of the local hospital.

  4. I love the opportunity to meet “new to me” authors through fun interviews. Your book sounds so good. When I hear about a book with doctors or dogs, I must know more. 🙂 Add a little humor and a holiday theme and it’s a bonus.

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    Love clean romance books and mysteries, especially if there is a dog or other pet included. Picture of 3 of our 5 senior dogs. Two on right are 15 & left side is 14.
    Thanks for introducing me to a new author that in a genre I enjoy.

  6. Hi, Nancy! I agree with you that pets in books make me want to read them. One of my favorite (and not bloody) mystery series is the Andy Carpenter series by David Rosenfelt. The books are centered around dogs, and the author himself has a rescue foundation to help senior dogs. Your handsome senior dogs are catching a well-deserved nap. Thanks for sharing their photo, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

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    I love reading books with dogs. My current buddy is a 10 year old Siberian Husky that has woken me up at night when my blood sugar is dangerous low. He is not trained for it, he just knows I am in trouble. One night I kept falling asleep while trying to drink orange juice to bring my blood glucose back up and he kept pushing his nose against my face to keep me awake. When my number got better he laid down along side of me until we went back to bed. He is friendly with people and other animals.

  8. Hi, Jackie! Thanks for stopping by! While I like all pets (rescue pets especially), I am more of a dog-lover than partial to any other pet. The rest of my family have cool cats. I have a friend who has parrots. So far, I’ve never met a pot-bellied pig in person, but I have one in “8 Hounds a-Howling.” Pets just add so much to stories. 😉 Have a wonderful holiday season!

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