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    Any time a book has a pet, especially a dog, it’s one I know I’ll be interested in reading. When I heard one of Laura’s books was going to have lab puppies…it was a win for me. 🙂 Yep, labs are my favorite.
    Here is a picture of my “granddog” Millie on her first boat ride this summer.

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    I love when authors add their fur babies to their newsletters as well as their books. It makes me feel warm all over. Here are my fur babies. My dog is Brandi. She is a 4 year old Min Pin/Chihuahau mix.

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    Hi, Barb! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Millie looks like she’s up for whatever adventure the day will bring. 😉 Thank you for sharing her photo! I agree that labs are wonderful. I try to add a variety of rescue pets to my books, but somewhere in the plot, there will always be a Chinese crested hairless dog–like my logo, Smokey. 😉

  4. Hi, Becky! Thank you for sharing a photo of your dog, Brandi. 😉 She has amazing ears and warm eyes. I, too, love books (and TV shows and movies) with fur babies in them. 😉 One author who does a great job of that is Jenn McKinlay. I really enjoy her romance novels. Have a great evening!

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