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  1. I’m reposting a comment here that was accidentally posted on another interview because I want this pup to be in the running for June Pet of the Month. 😉

    My Spookie is my rescue pet!!! We were part of her rescue from a puppy mill but really she was my rescuer!!!! I was just getting over Breast Ca. and my Hubby decided I needed a dog. She came to us a terrified little girl and now is a lion. I named her Spookie but later my Hubby added the “Duke” cause she is such a protector!!!!Hence “spookieduke” as my email add.I don’t know how to add a picture! But she is the picture with my email.

  2. Here is another comment I’m reposting here that was accidentally posted on another interview. I really need to explain better about posting comments, since this blog doesn’t make it clear.


    This is are sweet Ally, she is to smart. She will be 4 in July.

  3. Attachment

    This is Mr. Kitty. We found him on his own outside as a baby. He decided he wanted to live with us & moved right in on his own.

  4. This is Mr. Kitty. He found us as a baby and moved right in. When my brother went inside the house,Mr. Kitty came in with him & refused to leave. We have never regretted taking him in.

  5. Hi, Elaine! Thank you for posting a photo of your handsome cat. 😉 The photos are supposed to go with the current interview of Helen Henderson, so I copied your post and photo and posted them under the current interview. You are definitely in the running for a free ebook. 😉

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