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  1. Welcome to my blog, Mariah! I especially love books with dogs in them, and I think it’s wonderful that you rescue pets. Thanks again for sharing your books with my blog readers!

  2. I’ll have to check out your books for sure!! I lived in Syracuse for about 10 years and even took a couple classes at SU! And appreciate your love of rescue animals. We have a lot in common- am on the Board of an animal shelter. Your Christmas book sounds really good!!!

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    Paws for Christmas sounds like a great story, and I love your Sam memory! This is Cocoa and Mikey, both rescues.

    • Hi, bn100! Thanks for stopping by. By the way, you previously won an ebook of mine. If you see this, please reply. I need to make sure you see the email I’ll send to you about getting the free ebook! I’ve sent emails to you before, and I think they might have landed in your spam folder. Have a great August!

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