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  1. Thanks again for hosting me, Marcia. I’ll randomly choose a winner of the signed copy of Savage Cinderella from the comments and announce it on my FB page May 8th. (Contest open to US residents only)

  2. HI, PJ! Thank you for being my May interviewee! Your books sound fascinating, and I look forward to reading them. Have a wonderful day and stay safe and happy!

  3. I’m usually not a fan of the YA types- but this sounds fascinating! Add in the bear, then the dog – how could you not be ready to read. I’ll have to check this out. Thanks!

    • Hi Jamie, thanks for stopping by and I hope you love the series. Unfortunately, there was a mixup at Amazon and they changed the price of Savage Cinderella from free to 3.99. I’ve got an email into them to change it back but as of now, it’s still free on B&N or Kobo. It’s also free to read in its entirety on WATTPAD. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  4. Attachment

    Savage Cinderella is not free on Amazon. We had pet Guinea pigs but sadly Gracie passed at 2 years old so we gave away Anna.My son was given Gracie by his teacher on the last day of school on a rainy day that turned into flash flooding and my dad had to turn around and go pick him and Gracie up from school as school announced closer right as my dad was leaving the parking lot. My son read Guinea pigs did better with a friend so we got Anna shortly after from Pet Smart but after we lost Gracie my son was too upset to keep Anna so we took her back to the store to be given to another loving family.

    • So sorry for the mixup, Candy. It’s still free on B&N, KOBO, or even WATTPAD. But inexplicably, Amazon changed the price and didn’t notify me. I’m working on fixing it, but with the COVID crisis, they are not taking phone calls so I sent them an e-mail. I’ll post back here when the problem is fixed or if for some reason they don’t/won’t/can’t change it back, you’re welcome to a free mobi file for your Kindle.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

    • Candy — I picked your name to win a free ebook of mine! Congratulations! I will email you with directions on how to get the free ebook. Thank you again for stopping by my blog!

  5. Hi, Candy! Thanks for sharing the photo. I’m so sorry that your son lost Gracie. It can be devastating to lose a pet. And I’m sure Anna ended up with another loving family. As for Savage Cinderella not being free anymore, I’ll ask PJ to explain that. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Oh, Candy, I love the Guinea pig picture. My boys had many a hampster, lizard, and turtle when they were young. I know how hard it is to lose them.

      Marcia, I’ll post back here about getting a free mobi file of Savage Cinderella for each visitor today if Amazon doesn’t resolve the pricing issue quickly.

      Thanks all, for your patience and understanding.

  6. I’ve resolved the issue with Amazon pricing, and am pleased to say that Savage Cinderella is available for free on Amazon, BN, or Kobo.

    Thanks for your patience with the snafu!

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