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    I love all animals, have a cat now, in process of adopting a dog or two…our prior dog passed away, she was 17. When my mother in law was ive she had a small “farm” she had miniature horses and pygmy goats.Of course dogs too. Loved spending weeke d with her.

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    Hi! Rita accidentally posted the following comment and photo on the wrong interview, so I’m posting them here:

    I got two dogs at the Salem, OR rescue. I am not sure how old they are but they bonded after being together with 11 dogs that were living with people in a car. The cops stopped them and it was night time. One of the dogs bit the officer so they all had to be quarantined. They had to be tested etc. The owners never came back for them. I love them. The white female dog Lilly mothers the male who is older than her per the vet so I took them both. We are now on diets for they are obese per the vet. They are so lovable and get along great. I got 3 cats too. So it is never a dull moment around here.

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    If we’re sharing cat pictures, I’d like to share one of my daughter’s cat Gibby. We get to babysit her when my daughter and her fiancé are away. She’s a sweetheart!

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