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  1. Hi, Victoria! Thank you for being my October interviewee. I LOVE holiday romances and look forward to reading yours! By the way, I really like your book covers. Have a wonderful October and Halloween!

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    Hi Victoria, your Holidaze Love series sounds very appealing to me, I look forward to reading them. I really like when pets are part of the story, they just add an extra element that makes the story more engaging. This is Bandit looking cute.

    • I loved reading Trick or Meet Victoria! The story you shared here about Marbly and how cats create a ready link to different times in our lives makes this dog lover a little more fond of cats! Looking forward to reading Kiss Kringle! Fun titles!

      • Hi, Chris! Thanks for stopping by Victoria’s interview! I’m more of a dog-lover than a cat-lover, but I love when books include pets of (pretty much) any kind. I’m not a fan of snakes, though. 😉 Happy Halloween!

      • Hi, Chris! You won an ebook of mine! Congratulations! I’ll email you to explain how to get your ebook. Have a Happy Halloween!

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    My beautiful baby’s name was Janey. She lived 16 years, and she passed away this past Friday. She was a stunning, strong dog.

    Fuzz Aldrin and Sophie look very beautiful in their photos.

    • Hi, Florence. I’m so sorry to hear about Janey’s passing. It’s unbelievably cruel that our pets have such a short life span, but I know Janey will live in your heart forever. Sending prayers and hugs.

    • Hi Florence, I am so sorry about the loss of Janey — my deepest sympathies. 🙁 She looks like a beautiful and sweet dog. 16 years is an amazing lifespan — you obviously took excellent care of her. Sending hugs.

    • I have to add this to my “Must Read” list! I love Halloween and the idea of a love story wrapped up with my favorite holiday sounds great! I also wish I could convince my husband to get a cat! I love them but he isn’t a big fan!

      • Hi, LeAnn! Thanks for dropping by and commenting on Victoria’s interview. I’m allergic to cats, so we don’t have any, but there are so many cute ones out there. I especially like Maine Coon cats. I hope your husband has a change of heart and falls for a kitten. Have a Happy Halloween!

      • LeAnn–Congratulations! You won a signed paperback copy of Victoria’s Trick or Meet!! I’ll email you to let you know how to get the paperback. Happy Halloween!

    • Hi, Nancy! {{waving across town}} I agree that there seems to be a lot more dog books than cat books. I do like the cat mysteries, though. Cat detectives seem sharper than dog detectives. 😉 Have a great weekend!

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