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  1. Hi, L.B.! I really enjoyed interviewing you and look forward to reading your books. 😉 Have a wonderful August!

    • Hi, Flo! I missed seeing your comment and this striking tabby earlier. What a cool cat! 😉 Thank you for posting photos of your pets. Have a great day!

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    I enjoyed the interview L.B., and Snickers was such a cutie! I look forward to checking out your books. This is Bandit

    • Julie,

      Thanks for the kind comments! I hope you enjoy my books as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. And give Bandit a big hug for me! – you can’t find a better friend than your four-pawed friend!

      Take care,

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    I can’t wait to read “A Grand Slam Kind of Christmas.” All of the books listed look amazing. This is Janey.

    • Janey,

      Thank you for the kind comments!

      I think you’ll find Grand Slam Kind of Christmas is a fun little love story, with a small town setting and a few quirky characters who’ll make you laugh.

      Enjoy and happy reading,


    • Hi, Florence! Thanks for stopping by and sharing a photo of Janey. She’s a pretty pup! Have a great rest of your summer!

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    Abby Evans and Kevin Kardell sound interesting. I also love reading anything about baseball, like Kevin’s baseball talents.

    This is Callie.

    • Hi, Flo! Congratulations! You’re the winner of my ebook this month. I’ll send you an email to let you know how to get the ebook. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  5. Florence,

    I am a big baseball fan, too.

    Let’s just say Abby and Kevin had no clue how quickly their lives would become of such interest on social media. Luckily, unlike baseball, they get more than three strikes to make things right.

    Take care,
    P. S. Sending Callie a hug!

  6. Hi, L.B. One of my readers (Loreen E.) sent me the following compliment for you:

    “Snickers/ Poppy sounds like a wonderful heart dog. You were lucky to have her. Mine is named Athena; she is a 4 lb toy poodle.”

    I wanted to pass along her comment. Have a great week!

    • Loreen (and Marcia) –
      Snickers was a wonderful little dog. Animals definitely change your life for the better.
      Four pounds! What a little cutie Athena must be!
      Take care,
      Linda (L.B.)

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