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  1. Hi, M.J.! Thank you for being my May interviewee! I’ve never read any rock and roll romances and look forward to reading yours! Have a great May!

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      April loved all the attention she got during a therapy dog visit at a local high school, where she was providing comfort after the school lost a teacher and a classmate in separate incidents.

      • Hi, Karen! Your work with your therapy dogs has been amazing. I can’t imagine going into a school that experienced that much loss. I’m sure both the students and the adults really appreciated seeing April. Best wishes on a happy and healthy 2023!

      • Hi, Karen! Congratulations! You won one of my ebooks for commenting on this month’s blog! I’ll send you an email describing how to pick and receive your ebook. Have a wonderful summer!

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    Your books sound really exciting, I look forward to reading them. This is my sweet girl Pearl, she is 14.

    • Hi, Julie! {{waving from Columbus, OH}} Pearl is a cutie! Thanks for sharing her photo. 😉 Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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