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  1. Welcome to my blog, Judythe! I love Old English Sheepdogs, and I look forward to reading your books featuring them. Plus, the photos of Finn thinking he’s a lapdog are adorable! Have a wonderful March!

  2. Our kids names begin with an M. So our first pet’s name had to begin with an M. “She” was a guinea pig and my kindergarten son named her Molly after a cousin. Little did we know that Molly was a he! Then we got a dog who ended up being named Maxwell, Max for short. He’s a maltipoo and weights about 10 pounds. On the 5th, he will turn 15.

    • Hi, Jan! That’s funny about Molly the Guinea pig. I guess he didn’t mind the name. 😉 And “Happy Birthday” to Max! Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

    • Congratulations, Jan! You’re the winner of Judythe Morgan’s ebook! Yay! I’ll let Judythe know, and she will email you to explain how to get her ebook. Have a great Spring!

  3. So many books I want to read!! These sound fun. When we adopted our dog, I had trouble with her name -it took us 2 weeks to change it. We picked Hetty since she is small for a black lab, sassy and spunky!!! She’s a doll!!

    • Hi, Trish! Thanks for stopping by my blog and Judythe’s interview. 😉 Daisy is a great name for a pup. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

    • Hi, Trish! You’re the winner of my ebook this month! I’ll email you to explain how to pick out the ebook and then I’ll email it to you. 😉 Have a wonderful Spring!

  4. Attachment

    Second chance romance are one of my favorite genres, adding dogs just makes them even more appealing. I love your dogs names, I have always been fond of Old English sheepdogs. This is my Cocoa with Marshmallows.

    • Hi, Julie! I love when people share photos of their pets. Cocoa with Marshmallows is a great name for your cutie. 😉 Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    • Hi, Julie,
      Finn says hi to Cocoa.
      Second chance romance is my favorite romance to write, too. Hope you enjoy the Fitzpatrick series. You can read for free if you have an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription.
      Happy St. Paddy Day to you!

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