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Welcome to my Kudos page! The following are quotes from reviews of my books, as well as other kudos.

Reviews of Heating Up the Holidays

"A very sweet and thoughtful story. I was a sad to see the story end."
-- 5 Stars, Long & Short Reviews

"Park this girl under the mistletoe and sign her up for elf duty. Marcia James' HEATING UP THE HOLIDAYS serves up a dish of romance and second chances with panache!  Full of sass and fun, this holiday heart-warmer guarantees heat like flannel sheets on a cold winter night."
-- 4 Stars -- Jenn Shanks Pray, The Romance Reviews

"The writing is good, it's got humorous's a great little holiday truffle."
-- Jayne, Dear Author

"Heating Up the Holidays is a very pleasant and readable story...a fine read..."
-- Mrs. Giggles

Reviews of Sex & the Single Therapist

"I read the [Sex & the Single Therapist] excerpt and was HOOKED!! Not only are the characters in this book unique and different, but Ally’s clients are a hoot too! The line of the front of the cover 'crime solving was never this sexy' truly lives up to the name!!" -- Heidi, Publishers Weekly Beyond Her Book blog

"I’m a fan of the TV show The Mentalist and its quirky hero, Patrick Jane. I love the playful banter, sexual tension, and genuine emotion in Patrick’s relationship with detective Teresa Lisbon. Sex and the Single Therapist by Marcia James is an indie romantic mystery that gave me all those winning elements. The humorous title tempted me to start reading. The laugh-out-loud opening scene endeared me to the intelligent, resourceful heroine right from the start. Zack and Ally’s romance is steamy, sweet, and tender. Filled with page-turning mystery, sizzling sexual tension, and wacky fun, “Sex and the Single Therapist” is the perfect summer read." -- B&N Rock*It Reads

"This is romantic comedy at its best. The author has a fun voice and the pacing is quick and satisfying. The characters are fun and they have immediate chemistry. If you like romantic comedies with a mystery/suspense twist, then Sex and the Single Therapist by Marcia James will be a fun summer read for you!" -- Sheila Clover, Readers Entertainment

"A totally enjoyable read. Ms. James has a way of heating up the pages and keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. Her subtle humor is dead on. The characters are jump-off-the-page real, flaws and all. Ms. James does such a great job at times her hysterically funny secondary characters almost steal the show. (Especially an adorable little pooch.) But it's the intriguing suspense and the push-and-pull between Ally and Zack revving up the chemistry between them that makes this such a great read. I'll be keeping an eye out for more books by Marcia James." -- author Paige Cuccaro,

"Quirky and interesting characters caught up in a bizarre murder make this a light and seriously fun read. The mystery is complicated and the solution not obvious, but it's the cast that really brings this story to life. Allie and Zach are both engaging, and the minor characters are well defined. Even one particular canine who plays a significant part in solving the crime has his own delightful personality. If you like a bit of humor in your romantic mystery, you won't be disappointed." -- author Karen McCullough,


Reviews of Tails of Love

"TAILS OF LOVE is a wonderful, heartwarming collection of short stories that illustrate how love is sweeter in the company of loving animals. I can't think of an anthology that I have enjoyed more. Each author has a different take on the benefits that pets bring to our lives. The authors are all donating their share of the proceeds to the Animal Adoption Foundation. Run out and get your copy today. You'll get a great collection of stories and help animals in need. TAILS OF LOVE is the first book you should buy this summer!"
-- Blue Ribbon rating: 5 -- Darla Grant, Romance Junkies

"Romance is in the air and there are some animals who have their hearts set on seeing their people happy in TAILS OF LOVE! Rescue Me by Marcia James is a story of second chances. Little does Adam Baumgardner realize when he rescues Buddy that he'll find Dr. Claire Mendelsohn once again. Their relationship ended disastrously ten years ago but can Buddy bring them back together? Marcia James' story is a sweet romance that shows the power of love surviving time. Marcia James makes an excellent point about the importance of love over money or possessions as Adam now learns just how powerful love can be."
-- 5 Klovers -- Debbie, Kwips & Kritiques

"This is a book filled with delightful stories. Every story touched my heart in one way or another. Each author has contributed a story filled with romance and humor with the animals being the center of almost every tale. I laughed and cried as I read these stories. I am encouraging everyone I know to purchase this collection. Rescue Me: I loved the chemistry between Claire and Adam. Buddy, the Chinese crested hairless, added the humor to this tale."
-- 5 Cups -- Kimberly, Coffeetime Romance & More

"This endearing collection of 10 original love stories features notable authors, who weave stories about love and animal companionship. Each story is entertaining and unique, with contemporary characters and larger-than-life four-legged friends.'s an entertaining collection that can be consumed in one sitting or divided up and enjoyed in small, luxurious bites - one story at a time."
-- Annette Elton, RT Book Reviews

"Tails of Love is an anthology of romantic stories involving animals. More specifically, couples somehow brought together by the intervention of animals. Rescued back-alley hounds, determined tabbies, and haggis-eating dogs do their wonderful best to bring new couples together and old couples back together. If you love animals and are in the mood for romance, please do give Tails of Love a try!"
-- 5 out of 5 -- Heather, Errant Dreams Reviews

" addition to supporting a wonderful no-kill animal shelter, Tails of Love also brings you a collection of heartwarming, funny and poignant stories featuring the special connection between people and the animals who love them. RESCUE ME by Marcia James is a contemporary story about second chances. Be it a baby, a kitten or a half-starved Chinese Crested that looks more like a rat than a dog, I love seeing a big, macho man brought to his emotional knees by a small, defenseless creature."
-- PJ Ausdenmore, Romance Novel TV

"Tails of Love is an anthology by authors united together with their love of animals in support of an animal shelter. Rescue Me was a reunion story that I truly enjoyed. Adam deeply regretted his past actions, and yearned to rectify that mistake. He had hurt both himself and Claire. This made him the perfect hero."
-- Kathy Andrico,

"Romantic love meets a passion for animals in this charming collection of stories by 10 outstanding romance writers. From the kindhearted former NFL player turned four-star restaurateur who feeds a half-starved stray dog his specialty pate to the Houdini-like petting zoo pygmy goat who escapes when a neighboring construction company damages fences, animals bring joy, laughter, plenty of aggravation, and succor to bumbling humans attempting to find true love. ...the result is a delightfully satisfying celebration of the mutually beneficial bond between humans and other animals."
— Whitney Scott, Booklist online review

"Tails of Love has lots of things to like. The book also raises money for the Animal Adoption Foundation, a no-kill animal shelter in Hamilton, Ohio. And it features central Ohio authors Donna MacMeans , Patricia Sargeant, and Marcia James. (Marcia, by the way, gives away a keychain to promote her latest book, At Her Command, and the chain is a tiny pair of handcuffs. Priceless.)"
-- 4 Hearts -- Holly Z., Private Passions

"...they were all wonderful. ...all 10 stories highlight the connection and love between people and animals and what a wonderful thing a pet is."
-- 4 Stars -- AnimeGIrl's Bookshelf

"The group of talented authors in Tails of Love has put together a compilation of stories based on romance and their beloved animal friends. Tails of Love is about people and their pets, and the compassion, healing, love, and strength they can bring into one's life. Rescue Me is a good title for a story about a lost dog and a lost heart. Adam and his unique dog get a second chance because of Claire's big heart."
-- Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed

"Ten all-new stories that celebrate our animal friends, by bestselling and award-winning authors. In Rescue Me, by Marcia James, we meet a hairless Crestie who steals more than just Adam's heart. This little dog manages to heal decade long hurts, yet he does it in a comical fashion that will keep the reader engrossed. The little dog proves that beauty is in the eye of the beholder as long as you keep love in your heart. Plus, it's cute to see the tiny dog wriggle past the big man's emotional barrier. If you want a set of stories that will make you laugh, cry, and think, then you want to read Tails of Love."
-- 4.5 Books -- Tiger Lily, Long & Short Reviews

"If you love reading stories of romance, and/or love critters from small pets to farm animals and beyond, Tails of Love will warm your heart. Ten great authors come together to tell separate tales of love with stories featuring our lovable companions. Each will bring you a joyful smile, and hopefully a laugh, when you read it. I couldn't put the book down, and reading it was all the more enjoyable knowing all author and agent proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Animal Adoption Foundation, a charitable organization. Run to your nearest book seller and pick up a copy for yourself, and one for a friend as a gift."
-- Joan, Publishers Weekly "Beyond Her Book" blog

"Marcia James's story, Rescue Me, was also very well written. The animal here is a Chinese crested dog. I'm impressed because her story is great, yes, but in a way mostly because she made me like cresties. And… if you've ever seen 'ugliest dog' contest pictures, you'd know why that's surprising. The characters have history, which also helps make this novella more realistic. ...there are some really great stories in Tails of Love and there were good things about each novella."
-- The Good, the Bad, & the Unread Reviews

"I have a new anthology edited by Lori Foster, called Tails of Love (Berkley). This one has ten new romances in it, each starring someone's furry friend. Marcia James's 'Rescue Me' has former pro-football player Adam Baumgardner meeting up with the woman whose heart he broke when he takes a stray to the nearby shelter, which happens to be run by Claire Mendelsohn. ...the book is well worth the money and time, and the authors are all donating some of their proceeds from the book to an animal adoption group, which makes it even better."
-- 4 Cupid's Arrows -- Elizabeth Darrach, BellaOnline

"These ten tails showcase the love of significant others whose stories make for fun engaging tales. Readers will appreciate these four legged romances as the stars demonstrate why they are the significant others of their respective pet persons..."
-- Harriet Klausner, The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews

"...there wasn't a single story in the varied collection that I didn't like... My overall personal rating of Tails of Love is an A."
-- Life Long Book Passion blog

Reviews of At Her Command

“An intriguing look at the world of S&M, integrated with an interesting plot and two romances, this story has nice character development. The informative…S&M scenes are handled with class.”
-- 4 Stars – Susan Mobley, Romantic Times BOOKreviews
* Read the full review *

“Within the pages of AT HER COMMAND, you will encounter a sexy suspense thriller that will have you turning the pages quickly to see how it will all play out. Marcia James pens an intriguing plot weaved with humor, suspense and extremely hot passion. I was laughing one minute at the sexy banter, then reaching for the fan from the sizzling scenes and crying when two people who belong together try to discover their path to each other.”
Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5 -- Billie Jo, Romance Junkies
* Read the full review *

At Her Command is a well-written romantic suspense and Ms. James does a fine job of threading heavy elements of humor throughout her story. At the same time, several nicely placed and well-developed emotional scenes help to strengthen the reader’s interests. Domino and Dalton are a well-matched duo and a full cast of characters – not the least of which is “Smokey”, the DEA’s Chinese Crested, drug-sniffing dog – help to make this a sincerely delightful read. With a suggestive setting and love scenes that are satisfyingly sensual, At Her Command is sure to appeal to a large readership.”
-- 5 Angels – Jen H., Fallen Angel Reviews
* Read the full review *

“Ms. James has written a great book full of action, suspense and really erotic love scenes.”
-- Rating: 4 ½ Hearts – Maura Frankman, The Romance Studio
* Read the full review *

“This is a romantic suspense that is written with a wry comedic slant. Frankly, the submissive clients are a hoot--they're a fascinating batch of oddballs. We have two different agencies that haven't a clue they're in each other's stakeouts. It makes for very interesting dynamics, especially when the volatile chemistry between Dominique and Dalton is flipped a hundred and eighty degrees from their actual tendencies. At Her Command is a very entertaining read.”
– Maîtresse, Novelspot
* Read the full review *

AT HER COMMAND is a wonderful romantic suspense that leads you into the kinky world of a sex club. This is one book you don’t want to miss.”
-- Rating: 4 – Gloria Gehres, The Romance Readers Connection
* Read the full review *

AT HER COMMAND is an easy to recommend book…a hilarious and marvelous book full of action, suspense and racy love scenes.”
-- Sensuality & Realism Ratings: 10 – Lettetia, Erotica Romance Writers
* Read the full review *

“This book starts off with a sex club and drugs, with murder and mistaken identities thrown in…a fun book.”
-- Rating: 4 Cups – Lainey, Coffee Time Romance
* Read the full review *

AT HER COMMAND is an enjoyable story to escape into on a chilly autumn night. The characters and plot are engaging, with enough action, romance, and humor to stimulate any interested reader. Smokey, the Chinese Crested DEA drug dog, is a hilarious scene-stealer.”
– Kathy Samuels, Romance Reviews Today
* Read the full review *

“It’s Ms. James’ characters that make for a strangely seductive…and quirky love story. The Chinese Crested dog (think bald Chihuahua with a really bad fizzy wig) named Smokey…is a unique character. There’s something original about AT HER COMMAND. An entirely new blend of romance and police genres. I’ve been reminded of an Ann Rice novel.”
– Christine I. Speakman, Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine
* Read the full review *

At Her Command was a fun, sexy, and thoroughly entertaining read! Marcia James writes characters that draw you in and have you rooting for them from the start. At Her Command was plain and simply fun and Marcia James is definitely going on my must read list!!”
-- Gracie, Joyfully Reviewed
*Read the full review*

“Kids driving you crazy? Bad day at the office? Pour yourself a cup of tea, turn off your phone, settle into a comfy chair and escape into Marcia James’ racy, riveting, R-rated e-book At Her Command…James has the readers wrapped around her little finger and eager to devour every single word…(and) readers willing to explore Marcia James’ lusty, steamy thriller will find themselves…um…satisfied.”
--Lisa Ciurro, Tampa Book Buzz
* Read the full review *

Author Quotes

I have had the great good fortune to have my works-in-progress read by a number of talented authors who provided invaluable feedback and the following kind quotes:

"For a great blend of humor and intrigue, At Her Command is a must read!"
~ Becky Barker, Cerridwen Press author & 2005 National Readers' Choice Award winner for Short Contemporary

"At Her Command is sexy and inventive. Marcia James' writing kept me turning pages and neglecting my family!"
~ Paige Cuccaro, Cerridwen Press & Ellora's Cave author

"Romantic. Sexy. Humorous. All the ingredients of a great book and a great author."
~ Tabitha Gibson, Wild Rose Press author

"Marcia James is an artist at mixing laugh-out-loud humor with sizzling romance. And I loved the dog!"
~ Patricia Sargeant, Kensington Dafina author

"At Her Command gives new, hot meaning to the term 'undercover.' Wicked dialogue and sexual tension that doesn't stop combine with characters to die for in a great story. Marcia James is a star on the rise."
~ Justine Wittich, Five Star author & 2004 National Readers' Choice Award winner for Romantic Suspense

Reader Praise

In addition to hitting the jackpot when it comes to writer friends, I've heard from generous readers who've enjoyed At Her Command:

"At Her Command was one of the most enjoyable reads I've had in a long time.  Your characters were wonderful, even the bad guys...  I was simply enthralled.  I loved how you had so many undercovers all working the club at the same time.  Introducing a lot of straight-laced law enforcement types to that environment took a lot of creativity.  And to top it all off, Smokey just won my heart from the first moment he 'appeared'. So thank you, Marcia, for a wonderful book which now lives on my keeper shelf & will be read again. "  --  Marti K., (by email)

“I loved your novel!  Great plot.  Wonderful characters.  Suspense and a very happy ending.  I’ll be looking for your next novel!” – Mary B., Columbus, OH

"I really enjoyed the story and how all the different agencies were in the same place.  Your characters were wonderfully written and the story was GREAT."
-- Jambrea G., Fort Wayne, IN

"This one has it all:  Great characters, an original premise, inventive dialogue, humor and a plot that rocks.  Dom and Dalton, along with a quirky supporting cast, take you along on a wild ride that pulls you in from page one.  So if you pick up this book, be sure you have a few hours on your hands, you won’t want to put it down."
-- David C., Columbus, OH

"If you think everything in life, including sex and crime, goes better with a little laughter then At Her Command is the book for you!"
-- Jodie B., Westerville, OH

"I just finished reading At Her Command. Great book! I am looking forward to reading more of your works in the future."
-- Mayra C., West Burlington, IA

"I just got finished reading At Her Command, and I loved it. It was sexy and HOT stuff. I felt many emotions right along side Domino and Dalton. I laughed trying to imagine playing a Dom to an Alpha male hero, Dalton, who was trying to act submissive when he is anything but. Even the dog got in on the action. Your characters were believable, and your villain was hateful. There will be sequels, right?"
-- Debbie E., Ontario, Canada

"I found all the humor and excitement I expected from Marcia James, plus a bonus: creative ideas to try with my husband at home!"
-- Pat E., Jackson WY

“I absolutely loved and adored reading Dom and Dalton's story. It was the perfect blend of suspense and comedy. It was a beautiful story, and I had tears coming down my face at the end. Dalton was a wonderful hero and Dom was a great heroine. I laughed throughout. I was sad to see it end.”
-- Sandra S., Bellevue, NE

Contest Wins

I finaled in more than ten Romance Writers of America chapter contests before selling to Cerridwen Press. At Her Command finaled in six of those writing contests. These contest wins include:

Central Ohio Fiction Writers chapter's Ignite the Flame contest (four times)
Northeast Ohio chapter's Romancing the Novel contest (two times)
Northern Texas chapter's Great Expectations contest
Northwest Indiana chapter's Opening Gambit contest
Silicon Valley chapter's Gotcha contest
Tampa chapter's First Impression contest


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