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Marcia James, when she isn’t penning romantic comedies with elements of mystery and suspense, is a freelance video scriptwriter and advertising copywriter. In addition to developing marketing and promotional materials, she writes romance articles for her local weekly newspaper. After years of dealing with such sexy topics as how to safely install traffic lights, Marcia is enjoying “researching” and plotting steamy love scenes for her romance novels with her husband and hero of many years.

Marcia “discovered” romance novels less than ten years ago, but quickly went from an appreciative reader of the genre to an aspiring author of the feel-good books. She joined Romance Writers of America (RWA) and her local RWA chapter, Central Ohio Fiction Writers (COFW), in 1999. Writing for COFW’s Write From the Heart newsletter, Marcia chronicled her conversion from a “non-believer” to a fan of happily-ever-afters. Click on the following link to read that article: “Confessions of a Romance Addict

In her spare time, Marcia enjoys volunteering for non-profit organizations. One of the benefits is networking with celebrities. [See Photos.] Thanks to her involvement with good causes, Marcia asked the guests at her 1989 wedding to donate to charity vs. buying gifts. Word of the “non-profit wedding reception” reached People Magazine, which covered the event.

Did you know that author Marcia James…

* Wrote, produced and directed training videos for the U.S. Navy? (She videotaped aboard nuclear subs, a minesweeper, a destroyer and a tender.)

* Writes romance author profile articles for her local weekly newspaper?

* Has an Interdisciplinary Masters degree in Communications and Creative Writing from American University in Washington, D.C.?

* Participated in a March of Dimes Celebrity downhill ski race in Big Bear, CA? (Her team captain was Olympic gold medal pole vaulter, Bob Seagren.)

* Spent two days of her honeymoon fishing with her husband for rainbow trout in one of Kauai, Hawaii’s beautiful reservoirs?

* Was a medical writer for hospitals and organizations such as the Visiting Nurse Association?

* Petted a dolphin in the Florida Keys and rode an elephant in California?

* Worked as an advertising copywriter, developing everything from print ads and brochures to radio and TV commercials?

* Spent an evening as the media escort for Tom Selleck during a U.S.O. event? (Held at Washington, D.C.’s Kennedy Center, it was a televised, celebrity-filled Bob Hope birthday special.)

* Received her first rejection letter – a personalized one vs. a form letter – for a poem she submitted to Good Housekeeping Magazine when she was in high school?

* Worked as a production assistant on a Chinese beer commercial? (Her husband was one of the extras in the crowd scene.)

* Wrote a short play in the seventh grade for the Latin Club featuring a risqué song that prompted the teacher to send a concerned note home to her parents?

* Asked her wedding guests to consider donating to charity vs. giving her gifts? (Thanks to press releases sent out by several charities, her wedding was featured in People Magazine, The Washington Post, and Brides Magazine.)

* Was a movie extra in a church scene for the War and Remembrance miniseries. (The part required 1940s dress, hairstyle and make-up but no acting, thank goodness.)

* Started writing poetry by the second grade and continued to write creatively for fun?

* Inadvertently made Steve Martin laugh at an American Film Institute event? (From off-stage, she was using ineffective hand signals to guide a sound tech to where director Martin Scorsese sat.)

* Worked as a sound technician for an NBC-TV affiliate in Maryland? (This was a challenge, given the weather girl’s sometimes salty language.)

* Fly-fished in Sun Valley, ID and Jackson Hole, WY?

* Broke her leg rollerblading?

* Organized the pre- and post-party entertainment for the D.C. movie premiere of Dirty Dancing? (This was just one of the movie events she participated in for organizations like the American Film Institute and Women in Film & Video.)

* Had youthful ambitions to be a zoologist and work for a performing animals park?

* Once asked actor David Niven, who was appearing on The Charlie Rose Show, what Scotsmen wear under their kilts? (The answer? Nothing.)

* Was part of the first 50% male/50% female undergraduate class at the previously all-male University of Virginia?

* Plays golf and loves to drive from the men’s tees, but hates putting?

* Took four state beauty queens on a singing and dancing tour of VA hospitals during her time with the USO?

* Presents workshops on author self-promotion?

* Has interviewed or spoken with a wide variety of celebrities from Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Charles Guggenheim to vaudeville and movie comic Eddie Bracken? (One of her favorite memories is literally bumping into George Burns.)

* Played the cello poorly for a year in elementary school?

* Appeared on a local TV station’s news show for a segment on romance writing?

* Collects snail figurines and has over 1,000 of them in glass, ceramic, metal and wood? (Check out the caricature of Marcia on her Website’s Contact Me page.)

* Won a caption-writing contest for a national comic? (see below)

The Columbus Dispatch
Caption contest | WINNER No. 20
Clever line goes a different way
Saturday,  August 30, 2008 3:29 AM

     Among a slew of top-shelf entries for the 20th caption contest, one from Marcia Anderson stood out.  "No one else, including me, saw this drawing through an upscale kennel," said Jeff Stahler, editorial cartoonist for The Dispatch and creator of Moderately Confused, the comic used in the contest.  "This was unique and clever."

     Anderson, a Dublin resident who sent seven ideas, found inspiration in her personal life.

     "My husband and I have been looking for places to have my mother's 80th birthday (celebration)," said Anderson, a romance writer with the pen name Marcia James.  "We were trying to find places that had their own golf course or a course nearby."

     The timing couldn't have been better.  Her punch line can be found today on Page D7 -- and in about 1,200 other newspapers, too.



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