Dr. Ally’s Sex Q&A returns after a summer hiatus:

Q. My divorced uncle is always saying rude remarks about empowered women, groups like the National Association of Women, and women in what he calls “male professions”.  He thinks Rush Limbaugh’s “feminazis” comments are hilarious and refers to strong females as “sexless butches”.  How can I stop him from being such a jerk? — Evie J., Dexter, MO

A. You can’t. Someone with such an aggressively negative view can rarely be persuaded to see reason.  However, you can tell him you’re offended by his comments and make yourself scarce, if possible, when he starts spouting his vitriol.  By the way, a Rutgers University psychology study found that men with feminist partners have “healthier, more romantic heterosexual relationships than men who are with women who hold more traditional attitudes.”  So you might take some satisfaction in the idea that if your uncle ever finds his ideal woman — that paragon of 1950s’ housewifery (read “Stepford Wife”), there’s a good chance he’s in for a let-down.

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