Q: Dear Dr. Skye: Did you hear in the news about the British study that says men think women with big lips are sexy? Does this mean we all should get collagen injections in our lips? — Bess K., Monterey, CA

A: I’m going to take a guess that you mean the study about judging a man or woman’s suitability for a fling vs. a long-term commitment by their facial cues. The men in the study generally preferred a woman they thought might be available for short-term sex, while women most often chose men they believed were husband material.  According to the men in the study, women with wide eyes and full lips seemed to signal a willingness to have a quick roll in the hay.  The women in the study thought men with softer features would be good long-term partners.  This is just one study, and I certainly wouldn’t go through the pain of collagen injections to give off the “quickie” vibe. 😉

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