Q: Dear Dr. Skye: I heard that you were overseas, volunteering with the Doctors Without Borders organization for almost two years.  Are you back in Las Vegas and answering questions for this column? — James D., Columbus, OH A: Yes. … Continue reading

Dr. Allegra “Ally” Skye, sex therapist and amateur sleuth, is the fictional heroine of Marcia James’ comic romantic mystery series, which begins with Sex & the Single Therapist. When Ally isn’t helping her Las Vegas police detective boyfriend, Zack Crawford, solve murders, she … Continue reading

Q: Dear Dr. Skye: My lover said he’s going out next Friday night and I can’t go with him because it’s a “brodown”. What the heck is that and should I be worried? — Sherry D., St. Paul, MN A: … Continue reading

Q: Dear Dr. Skye: Why haven’t you posted any Sex Q&A this year? — Marcia A., Columbus, OH A: I was out of town for a month over the holidays, and since returning, I’ve had a sharp increase in appointments … Continue reading

Q: Dear Dr. Skye: I’m a vegan and I only date other vegans.  My friends think I’m being silly, but I swear meat-eating guys smell and taste different.  Besides, I don’t want to kiss a mouth that has chewed meat.  … Continue reading

Dear Dr. Skye: I’ve got a bar bet riding on your answer.  Does a bad economy help or hurt the sex trade? — Gerald H., Tampa, FL A: It depends what part of the sex industry you are talking about.  … Continue reading

Definition of the Day [Dr. Skye credits Urbandictionary.com for its wealth of interesting words and definitions you won’t find in Webster’s Dictionary.] Today’s Urbandictionary.com term: Friend Girl Definition: A woman with whom one is friendly but not romantically linked in … Continue reading

Dr. Ally’s Sex Q&A returns after a summer hiatus: Q. My divorced uncle is always saying rude remarks about empowered women, groups like the National Association of Women, and women in what he calls “male professions”.  He thinks Rush Limbaugh’s … Continue reading

Q: Dear Dr. Skye: Did you hear in the news about the British study that says men think women with big lips are sexy? Does this mean we all should get collagen injections in our lips? — Bess K., Monterey, … Continue reading

Q: Dear Dr. Skye: I’m hosting a bachelorette party for my sister and want to serve food appropriate to the risqué theme of the party.  What do you suggest? — Izzie P., Bethesda, MD A: You have a wealth of … Continue reading