Q: Dear Dr. Skye: I’m 58 and my divorce was final this month.  I’d like to start dating again.  Am I too old for Internet dating sites? — Charlotte M., Atlanta, GA A: Not at all!  In fact, according to … Continue reading

Definition of the Day [Dr. Skye credits Urbandictionary.com for its wealth of interesting words and definitions you won’t find in Webster’s Dictionary.] Today’s Urbandictionary.com term: Expiration dating Definition: A relationship with a defined end, perhaps because someone is moving. Usage … Continue reading

Q: Dear Dr. Skye: What’s with this term “cougar” — for older women who date younger men?  Why is it okay for men to date younger women, but when women date younger men, everyone’s like “Ewwwwww”? — Brenda H., Austin … Continue reading