Q: Dear Dr. Skye: My boyfriend swears he’ll go bald if we don’t have sex all the time.  Isn’t this the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard? — Pattie H., Detroit, MI A: One of the myths about baldness is that … Continue reading

Definition of the Day [Dr. Skye credits Urbandictionary.com for its wealth of interesting words and definitions you won’t find in Webster’s Dictionary.] Today’s Urbandictionary.com term: Awkward Arm   Definition: The arm with nowhere to go when cuddling, spooning or sleeping … Continue reading

Q. Dear Dr. Skye: My grandmother hassles me for reading romance novels.  She says they fill women with false expectations of the perfect husband and marriage.  What do you think? — Kerri T., Oak Ridge, TN A. There will always … Continue reading

Q. Dear Dr. Skye: My husband and I have retired and find that our sex drives have retired, too.  We would both like to make love more often, but the urge just isn’t there.  Is there anything you can suggest? … Continue reading

Q: Dear Dr. Skye: Is it true that redheads are hotter in bed? — Harry G., Lawrence, KS A: The simple answer is “No”, but a German study has shown that redheads have sex more often than women who don’t … Continue reading