Definition of the Day [Note from Dr. Skye: I receive lots of questions about slang, what a term means, its origins, how to use it, etc.  So I’ll occasionally post a definition vs. a Sex Q&A in this column for … Continue reading

Q: Dear Dr. Skye: A friend told me they have senior citizen discounts at cat houses overseas.  Is he pulling my leg? — Chuck J., Little Rock, AR A: Well, I don’t have any first-hand experience with this marketing ploy, … Continue reading

Q: Dear Dr. Skye: My boyfriend says he loves me, but he doesn’t look me in the eye when he says it.  Can I believe him? — Alice G., Rochester, NY A: There’s no sure way to tell if he’s … Continue reading

Q: Dear Dr. Skye: Some girls in my chemistry class were joking about a guy they knew, calling him “Bob Fock.”  I don’t get the reference. — Jenny F., Circleville, OH A: I think they may have been calling the … Continue reading