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August James Gang Interview

Each month, I interview authors or publishing insiders who have some form of "James" in their names or in their books. My August James Gang interviewee had a conflict, so as a last-minute emergency replacement, I'm interviewing myself about ebook boxed sets!

1. Let’s get the most important question asked first: Why James?

When I chose my pen name, I wanted to honor the love and support I receive from my husband James, so I combined my first name and his first name into "Marcia James." When I Googled that pen name in 2001 before I bought my website domain name, I was only one of two "James" romance writers whom I could locate online. Now there are so many James authors, I interview a different one each month on my website and have done so since 2006.  ;-)

2. What is an ebook boxed set?

A boxed set is an ebook version of a (usually) 10- to 24-story anthology. Because they are often over 1,000 pages long, they aren't available in print. Most of the boxed sets have a theme -- such as Christmas stories or military heroes. The boxed sets are a win-win for both the participating authors and the readers. For example, the boxed sets are usually priced at 99 cents, so readers can afford to try authors they haven't read before.

3. Why do authors such as yourself participate in these boxed sets?

I love being in romance ebook boxed sets. Not only do I get to work with a great group of authors, but we each get one of our stories in front of the other authors' readers. This can and does lead to an increase in sales of our other books and novellas. So these boxed sets are a way of co-promoting with other authors. That saves time and money, since we're splitting the jobs (such as running a Facebook page, contacting advertisers, coordinating the Facebook launch party, etc.) and the cost (paying for advertising, the cover, the formatting, etc.)

4. How do authors get involved in boxed sets?

Through networking. Most of these opportunities come about when a group of author friends decides to join together to do a boxed set. The group comes up with a theme and a title. Each author in the group has to write a story (or have one already written) that fits the theme. All authors retain their copyrights and can also indie-publish their stories separately, as well as in the set. One author has to be considered the "publisher" by the online bookstores (Amazon, B&N, Apple, Kobo, etc.), or the group can hire a company to handle the publishing, royalties, and tax information in exchange for a small percentage of the royalties. I've had nothing but great experiences being in boxed sets.

5. What have you learned by participating in boxed sets?

With each boxed set I join, I volunteer for a different "job" or task. For example, in my first boxed set, I volunteered to run the set's Facebook page. I learned how to schedule posts and how to create memes (like the one below) for the Facebook page.

During my second boxed set, I worked with several other authors to promote the set through free review sites. For my third boxed set, I'm one of the hosts for our August 4th Facebook party. And for the next boxed set, I'm handling the ebook's paid advertising.

6. What was your first boxed set?

Romancing Christmas was my first boxed set, and it's been a wonderful experience. "Heating Up the Holidays" is the title of my sexy novella in this set. This ten-story ebook became an Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller -- on their all-fiction-titles list, as well as several subgenre lists. The cover by Bella Media Management ( is beautiful, and I've enjoyed getting to know the other nine authors better. And, best of all, the set is still only 99 cents!


7. Tell us about your May boxed set.

Two of the authors from the Romancing Christmas boxed set invited me to be part of a group of authors who were doing a number of sets with different themes, romance subgenres, and sensuality levels. Spring Into Love is an eleven-author set that offers readers stories that range from sweet and funny to suspenseful and sexy. "Love Unleashed" is the title of my novella in this set. The cover, as well as the set's sexy book video, were created by DR Graphic Expressions ( For a limited time, the set is only 99 cents!


8. Your latest boxed set releases on August 4th. Tell us about it.

Score One For Love is a ten-story boxed set, and "Racing Hearts" is my novella in this ebook anthology. Each of the authors wrote a story featuring a sports hero -- from football, baseball, and soccer to tennis, hockey, and volleyball. My hero is a racecar driver. Again, we were lucky enough to have DR Graphic Expressions do our boxed set cover and our book video.

DR Graphics also created the cover for "Racing Hearts." This novella is the first in my new "Klein's K-9s" contemporary romance series featuring a service dog training facility. Here's the blurb for "Racing Hearts"...

Stock car legend, Tom "Torque" Tyler, faces a bleak future following a traumatic head injury and seizures. Determined to drag her high-school crush from his self-imposed solitude, service dog trainer, Meg Klein, and a tiny but talented seizure response dog bring Tom hope and love.

Score One For Love is currently on preorder on the following online bookstores and releases everywhere (including Barnes & Noble) on August 4th.

Google Play

9. What boxed sets are in the planning stages?

I'm writing a novella titled, "8 Hounds a-Howling," for a Christmas-themed boxed set that releases this fall. This novella is the second in my Klein's K-9s series, and the plot revolves around the photographing of a calendar based on a doggie version of "The 12 Days of Christmas." The hero and heroine are an estranged couple who just might get a shot at a happily ever after.

10. Do you have a favorite quote(s) you'd like to share?

"Talent is helpful in writing, but guts are absolutely essential." -- Jessamyn West

"Life is too short to read depressing books." -- Susan Elizabeth Phillips


Stop by next month, when my James Gang interviewee with be author James Moushon!

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